DOGTAG K-9 SERVICES CORPORATION is one of the fastest growing K9 service provider in the country for explosive detection dogs (EDD), narcotic detection dogs (NDD), disaster search dogs (DSD) and attack dogs. We also provide Tracking Dogs and Scout Dogs for military and police use. We can extend our services nationwide. Our Handlers are licensed dog handlers certified by SOSIA, CSG at Camp Crame, Quezon City.

DOGTAG K9 SERVICES was chosen to be this year’s Best K9 Provider of the Year by CSG, PNP for its numerous accomplishments for the year. We also topped the 1st AFP K9 Competition and placed 2nd in the 1st Chief PNP K9 Competition for Private K9 Providers Category in 2009. We have been chosen as the best K9 team for bomb detection by the PNP during the K-9 Handlers Course at Camp Crame. Moreover, our dogs are accredited by AFP K9 for passing their dog skills standard.

We are one of the few K9 providers that has License to Operate. We are also a member of the Philippine Federation of Specialized Canine Providers Incorporated, a counter part of PADPAO in K-9 Industry.

We offer rental services and sales of different breeds of dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, Jack Russel Terriers and Rotwielers trained to detect bombs, narcotics, cadavers; track and scout humans. Should you get our dogs we can guarantee you that our dogs and handlers are always efficient. Our dogs can detect 13 components of explosives such as TNT, Black Powder, Picric Acid, C4, ammonium nitrate, blasting cap, det cord, primers etc.