About Us


DOGTAG K9 Services Corporation is the fastest growing K9 service company in the country today. It has over 60 K9 posts nationwide catering to more than 20 different companies. We provide low rates but high end sniffing dogs to major establishments and vital installations. Our company specializes in providing Explosive Detecting Dogs, Narcotic Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs and Attack Dogs. We also provide Tracking and scout dogs for military and police use.

The use of dogs for security jobs outside the military in the country is a recent development. This is a response to the threat of terrorism that grew globally such as the 9/11 attack in the US in 2001 and the Rizal Day Bombings in LRT in Metro Manila last December 30, 2000. It is with this development that DOGTAG K9 was established on March 2002 in Cebu City. Our company was one of the pioneers and trailblazers in the use of canine power outside the military circles. We started then as sub-contractor to security agencies providing them with their K9 requirements. In 2008, DOGTAG K9 extended its services to Metro Manila. With the excellent K9 service we provide to our clients, the company became the most preferred K9 company among big establishments in a short span of time.



DOGTAG K9 has an organizational system anchored around our clients’ needs and wants. This corporate core values transcends in everything we do. As a clear proof, DOGTAG K9 has been garnering awards in different K9 competitions and events. We were awarded as Outstanding K9 Provider of the Year 2012 during the 32nd Civil Security Group Founding Anniversary at SOSIA Compound, Camp Crame last 29 October 2012. We have been chosen as the best K9 team for bomb detection by the PNP during the K-9 Handlers Course at Camp Crame last 13 March 2009. We emerged as the Champion among the Private K9 Providers both in Individual and Team Category during the 1st AFP K9 Competition at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City last July 4, 2009. We won again as 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up in the team and individual category respectively during the 1st Chief PNP K9 Competition held last 08 October 2009 at Camp Crame, Quezon City. Each competition was participated by 90 K9 teams from government and private K9 companies all over the country.



Our handlers are licensed Dog Handlers. These licenses were awarded by SOSIA, PNP after they have graduated in the Basic Handlers Course. Aside from that training, our handlers also undergo our rigid in-house education at our training facility in Pilillia, Rizal. DOGTAG K9 invests on these extensive trainings to equip our handlers the necessary skills and knowledge prior to being posted. Our handlers have spent large amount of time together with their wards hence rapport between the handler and his buddy is excellent. They are called a team. To maintain their proficiency they will undergo regular and periodic evaluation during postings thus it ensure that the posted K9 teams are in A1 status. A failure of either the handler or his dog will cost them to undergo retraining until such time that they have perfected their craft.

We are the only K9 service company that gives equal opportunity to sexes as we utilized females as handlers in our posts and during competitions. They have also undergone the same training with their male counterparts. Our female dog handler Doris Cidamon with her dog Marina, was part of the DOGTAG K9 team that emerged as the champion during the 1st AFP K9 Bomb Sniffing Competition.



The selection of quality dogs start from puppies as early as two months old. We scout potential working dogs from the bloodlines of our own breeds. The selection continues while they are being trained. Dogs that are observed to have defect in their behavior work ethics along the way will be scratched. Those who failed during training will end up as house pets. Only those who has the perfect quality of a working dog will be utilized by DOGTAG K9. The selection process is very stringent in order for us to produce high quality dogs and maintain our standards. Dogs training will not stop when he is posted but it will have a continues training even while on duty. DOGTAG K9 has on-site training to tailor fit the kind of work he is having. Moreover, our dogs are accredited by AFP K9 Company for passing their dog skills standard.

We utilized different breeds of dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers and Beagles. Currently, we are training more than 50 potential working dogs of different breeds for different work.